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Best Hairstyles for Women

10 Glamorous Hairstyles for Women to Try

Hairstyles are the best bet when you want to upgrade your looks gracefully. With so many hair styling options, you can adopt and style yourself however you desire. From messy buns to glamorous curls alongside stunning bridal makeup, women of this era have myriad options to flaunt. 

Looking for a shortcut to get a younger vibe? Pin/save this catalog! Whether you’re attending a business meetup or simply appearing at a kitty party, Toni and Guy have got you covered!

Experience Six Decades Of Style With These Top 10 Effortless Hairstyles For Women

1-The Jane Fonda Hair Cut:

The iconic Jane Fonda remains a timeless symbol of beauty with a blend of sophistication. Her hairstyling is as popular as she is. The Jane Fonda cut is ready-to-go, simple, and short-length strands with elegant bangs. It gives you a bright, chic vibe while showcasing your older-looking face to a much younger one.

A bonus tip: Get blonde streaks to enhance your hair charm while opting for the Jane Fonda hairstyle. Also, you don’t have to tie or bind your hair when choosing this look for your hair.

2-Asymmetrical Pixie:

Gone grey? It’s time to get a classic asymmetrical pixie look for your charming face. When we say grey, take it as a compliment since every single strand carries your life experiences that you flawlessly endured. Likewise, style your silver linings proudly by opting for our classy pixie. They will be easy to handle, and you’ll look ever-ready for any event.


A bonus tip: Get a brownie hair shade for a younger vibe. Even if you’re struggling with hair damage due to chemicals or harsh treatments, our talented hair artists will make this look gorgeous.

3-Long Layered Bob:

A long layered bob is the perfect solution for women who want a long-short mix of hairstyling. You don’t need to go super short for an elegant-looking haircut. Regardless of age, women can flex the versatility of their hair in any event they attend without extra effort.

A bonus tip: With this long-short layered bob, you can curl your strands or straighten them up to achieve a different appearance. 

4-Medium Length Layered Haircut:

Desiring a not-too-short and not-too-long hairstyle for your new year look? Toni and Guy Pakistan is at your service! The hair layering technique is common yet adorable to opt for. Layers provide a voluminous texture to your hair and let the air sway them artistically.

A bonus tip: A layered medium-length hairdo looks perfect with a ponytail or a messy braided look.

5-Celebrity Inspired Bangs:

Bangs can never go wrong if you seek a younger-looking vibe through your hair. Hollywood celebs inspired us to add this category to our top 10 hairstyles for women in 2024. The ultimate beauty hack is all you need to bring upon you to crush every mirror in the room.

A bonus tip: Get the Celebrity-inspired bangs done by Toni and Guy!

6-Long Feathered Hairstyle:

The long, feathered hairstyle is a sassy and classic addition to our catalogue. This versatile look isn’t just for women; it’s also the perfect hairstyle for girls for party glam or a night out. With smooth and blonde feathered layers, we have mastered balancing volume and elegance for your festive evening.

A bonus tip: Take a hairclip with you, pin up your hair hairway through, and you’ll be set with a different face frame in just seconds.

7-Classic Lobs with Bangs:

If you have grey, blonde, gold, or caramel shades in your hair, classic lobs with or without bangs will look glamorous on you! Thick hair textures and colors add a hint of a sassy combination to this hairdo. With a sleek appearance, you can surely flatter everyone in the event.

A bonus tip: Caramel shade will rock with classic lobs.

8-Braid Updos with Short Hair 

Chin up, sweetie! You can do wonders on your big day, even with short hair. With a perfect combo of Toni and Guy’s bridal makeup and braided hairdo, using your short hair length is something you should not overlook.

A bonus tip: Braiding is also the simplest yet charming hairstyle for girls for party evenings like bachelor parties or bridal showers. 

9-Chignon Bun with Braids:

Long bobs may sound simpler, but they can spread magic and beauty to your hair styling. From weddings to formal dinner gatherings, Chignon buns with twisted, messy braids are enough to add a sparkling effect to your elegance.

A bonus tip: Leave chignon buns a little messy and scattered to exude allure and grace.

10-Wavy Balayage:

Want to try something bold? Try this striking combination: wavy, coffee-hued locks accentuated with balayage to enrich your hair game. Any shade of brown can beautifully compliment Asian skin tone.

A bonus tip: Save this combo and trust Toni & Guy for expert execution & ultimate 


Wrapping Up:

That’s a quick guide to the 10 best hairstyles for women, and we are glad to announce that you can embrace any of them at our TONI&GUY South Pakistan branches. 

You can indulge in our golden collection with just a few clicks to book your appointment online. Whether you’re aiming for a stunning look paired with exquisite bridal makeup or seeking a subtle yet captivating hairstyle for girls for party events, we’re here to make your beauty dreams a reality. Book Now!